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Our RTF Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) is the most advanced, unique tall fescue blend on the market. Featuring a special blend of high quality turf-type tall fescues and RTF varieties, this premium blend will display excellent germination, growth, and color. It requires 30% less water, is adaptable in a wider range of soil conditions, and grows great in moderate shade. Unlike ANY other tall fescue, it produces “rhizomes” that laterally initiate new grass growth underneath the soil. That’s why RTF has the ability to repair itself and fill in bare spots, knitting the lawn together and repairing damaged areas. RTF also exhibits excellent heat and drought tolerance by developing a deep, strong root system not typical of most grasses. It also produces a canopy of thick, durable lawn with improved turf density. Available in sod and seed.

HGT Kentucky Bluegrass

Barenbrug's HGT Kentucky Bluegrass blend with Barvette HGT Kentucky Bluegrass offers outstanding traffic tolerance and wear recovery. In research studies, Barvette HGT was trailed and came out on top for wear recovery, percent ground cover, stress tests, and turf quality. The blend also includes Barrari KB, Barserati KB, Barrister KB, and Barimpala KB. Quick to germinate with fast establishment, has superior summer patch resistance, with early spring green-up. HGT Blue is a high quality bluegrass with great uniformity. AVAILABLE IN SEED ONLY.

Shade Savant

Shade Savant is a fine textured mixture that provides ornamental value even in areas plagued with shade which limits turfgrass growth. This product was initially tested for drought tolerance and was found to be more drought tolerant than any of its individual ingredients, exhibiting additive effects. Shade Savant will adapt to the level of sunlight exposure, whether planted in full sun or deep shade. Shade Savant is quick to establish and will become a fine fescue-based plant community with enhanced traffic tolerance and color. AVAILABLE IN SEED ONLY.

Dunes Mix

Dunes Mix fine fescue blend is comprised of creeping red fescues and Chewings fescue grasses that can be utilized in any situation. These grasses excel in low fertility soils, and drought or heavily shaded areas, even full sun. These qualities allow for Dunes Mix to be used from naturalized areas, to your dry and shaded yard, all the way to the finest golf fairways on link-style courses. Capable of close mowing heights (.2") to rough cut, or even a naturalized no-mow application.  AVAILABLE IN SEED ONLY.

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