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Our RTF Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) is the most advanced, unique tall fescue blend on the market. Featuring a special blend of high quality turf-type tall fescues and RTF varieties, this premium blend will display excellent germination, growth, and color. It requires 30% less water, is adaptable in a wider range of soil conditions, and grows great in moderate shade. Unlike ANY other tall fescue, it produces “rhizomes” that laterally initiate new grass growth underneath the soil. That’s why RTF has the ability to repair itself and fill in bare spots, knitting the lawn together and repairing damaged areas. RTF also exhibits excellent heat and drought tolerance by developing a deep, strong root system not typical of most grasses. It also produces a canopy of thick, durable lawn with improved turf density. Available in sod and seed.

Turf Blue® Pro

The Turf Blue® Pro is a blend of exceptional Kentucky bluegrass varieties, powered by the high NTEP ranking variety, Barserati. This new blend is formulated for a rapid establishment with exceptional turf quality and turf density that provides early competition against weeds and is very disease resistant. Kentucky bluegrass is a perennial sod-forming grass that spreads by strong rhizomes and seeds. This means it is a tightly-knit turf that has side lateral growth capability, can fill in gaps, which also means it has the ability to mend itself when damaged. The nature of this blend makes an extremely dense and medium-fine textured turf that actively fills in and stays thick. Available in seed only.

Shade Savant

Shade Savant is a fine textured mixture that provides ornamental value even in areas plagued with shade which limits turfgrass growth. This product was initially tested for drought tolerance and was found to be more drought tolerant than any of its individual ingredients, exhibiting additive effects. Shade Savant will adapt to the level of sunlight exposure, whether planted in full sun or deep shade. Shade Savant is quick to establish and will become a fine fescue-based plant community with enhanced traffic tolerance and color. AVAILABLE IN SEED ONLY.

Turf Star RPR

A mixture of RPR varieties and elite perennial ryegrass, Turf Star RPR is the solution for all golf, sports, and recreational facilities where elite perennial ryegrass quality is required. Turf Star RPR’s extreme wear tolerance, insect tolerance, and ability to recover thin and damaged turf is unique to the industry as a direct result of Barenbrug’s RPR Technology. Extremely fast germinating and quick to establish, Turf Star RPR can also be over-seeded into traditional cool season turf lawns, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and traditional perennial ryegrass. It is the finest choice for high traffic areas that need to remain aesthetically pleasing.  Additionally, Turf Star RPR is an excellent choice for fall inter-seeding turf to provide a boost in the current stand’s quality after summer stress.  AVAILABLE IN SEED ONLY.

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