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Ideal Turf is excited to bring you photos of our farm, our installation process, and our finished projects. You can become acquainted with the value we offer to your home by seeing first-hand how we care for our product. You will see our people working on installation projects. Finally, you can see the beautiful results that bring a simple, fresh approach to finished landscapes.

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Having built a new house recently and attempting to establish a lawn around the house last summer was no easy task. Finally giving in and looking at sod, I spoke to a couple of businesses that had and installed sod.

I called Ideal Turf and spoke with Andy about what I was looking for. He set up a time and came out to the house to see what he might be able to offer me. His recommendation of the RTF sod along with the price sold me. As the weather was still in the summer months, Andy suggested the best time to install this. As the time got near he moved the date out a bit to insure I would get the best growth and stand with least cost of watering due to heat and moisture opportunity.

I have no regrets with the selection of both the sod type and Ideal Turf. The sod looks great. In fact, since then having this installed I have installed additional sod around the house as well.

Buying from Ideal Turf was the right selection and I continue to purchase seed and other turf-related products from them.

Greg Holloway
Trivoli, IL


When we finished building a new house last year, I was anxious to start on a new lawn. Our previous home had been sodded with Kentucky Bluegrass from Ideal Turf and was a great success. However, our new home was not set up with an irrigation system so I was skeptical about planting bluegrass in our big yard. Ideal Turf introduced me to their RTF seed, which is more heat tolerant, easy to seed, and establishes fast.

This was the first time I tried seeding a lawn. Ideal Turf gave me easy to follow instructions and set me up with their Starter Fertilizer along with their straw blankets. Less than 2 weeks later and I was already mowing! The lawn established very fast, and in no time, was getting thicker and thicker. I followed up with overseeding in the fall and planted a second area at the same time, and this spring my yard looked amazing! I hauled black dirt into top off the existing clay in front of the house but had spread no topsoil in the backyard before seeding. The RTF seed grew fast in both places. It made little difference, if any, starting the new seed in clay or rich topsoil. All bare spots have filled in on their own after 12 months, and with very little watering, the yard looks great.

If you want a yard that looks great, easy to grow and stays green through the hot months with less water, give RTF a try. Ideal Turf was very helpful and answered all my questions giving me an education on grass seed and fertilizer. I would like to add if you would rather sod than seed because you want an instant yard, don’t be afraid to seed. I am 100% satisfied with our new lawn and how fast it established. Seeding it myself saved me money and I have the same end result as sod with maybe even a better root system. Thanks, Ideal Turf!

Alex V.
Mapleton, IL


To all the folks at Ideal Turf..

The newly sodded front yard has transformed the look of the whole home. The installation team was knowledgeable, professional. The RTF is everything you said and more, thick, hearty, soft and a beautiful deep green. Thank you for a wonderful experience and the beautiful front yard and we are anxiously awaiting getting the backyard done this spring!!

Bob & Kristyne Ascherl
Peoria, IL


Product reliability is important to me. The quality and consistency I have found with Ideal Turf and the timeline of their delivery helps my company continue to provide excellent service to all of our customers.

Ryan P.
Landscape Architect/Designer Concepts,
Peoria, IL


I – Integrity
D – Dependability
E – Excellence
A – Adaptability
L – Loyalty

In my dealings with Ideal Turf I have always been able to trust what they say. Depend on their product, and service. Receive sod that was equal to or better than their competition. Know that they would work with my schedule to get the job done. Knowing that they would go the extra mile to make sure I look good to my customer.

Steve S.
President/Schuren Nursery Company
St. Joseph (Champaign), IL


I installed this sod in the fall (October) and look at it now (April – just 5 months later)!! Looks awesome and green as can be. In the 2nd photo you can see the difference in mine and my neighbor’s grass. I have the best looking yard in the whole subdivision. RTF SOD!!

Brett T.
Springfield, IL


In the years following a bunker remodel, we struggled with our new fescue bunker faces.  Each year they would ultimately fail, leaving my membership frustrated and asking questions.  Adjustments to our maintenance program had no effect on the quality of turf on our faces, so we knew it was time for a change.  Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) was suggested by a fellow superintendent, so we ran a trial on a few bunkers. We even went as far as splitting a south facing bunker with RTF and Bluegrass to evaluate how each would perform under identical conditions. After watching the bluegrass struggle and the RTF thrive, it was an easy decision to convert all our bunker surrounds to RTF.

Working with Andy and Ronni at Ideal Turf, we could plan our project with regular deliveries, sometimes combining partial loads with a neighboring club.  Andy and Ronni were very easy to work with and often took the lead on making sure I had what I needed to get the work done. While I was impressed with the customer service and attention I got from the Zeigler’s, I was equally impressed with the quality of their sod! Every piece off the pallet held together, knitted in, and as one of my members put it, “It looks like it’s been there for years!”

From start to finish, the entire team at Ideal Turf has gone beyond my expectations and has earned my business for years to come!

Ben Rink
Golf Course Superintendent
Champaign Country Club


We tried Ideal Turf’s RTF sod in a side-by-side trial in the fall of 2016 for an upcoming tee, and a bunker project in 2018 here at the club. We put Andy’s RTF up against two different types of the best Kentucky bluegrass varieties on the market, and the difference was huge. We found the RTF to be more drought tolerant, stayed greener through the summer and didn’t require as much watering. The watering aspect of it was huge in several ways from saving water and energy to helping keep our bunkers and greens firmer which our players demand here at the club. The one sticky point to the entire trial was the actually playability of the RTF in comparison to the bluegrass, which everyone has been used to. After surveying our golf membership, no one could tell any difference in product regarding playability or appearance. The RFT grows on the toughest of soils, thrives and even helps reduce weeds popping up.

This past fall, we were working on a variety of tee rebuilds while the other club in town happen to be rebuilding their bunkers. Both of us worked together with Ronni and Andy on scheduling around weather and trucking to get us what we needed, when we needed it the most. Ideal Turf is a great small company to work with and they really care about the product and service they are providing to each customer. I’ve tried almost everyone in central Illinois and now they are the only number I call.

Scott White
Golf Course Superintendent
Urbana Country Club


I received my seed order today and just wanted to pass on how thankful I was for the instruction, seed install and watering/mowing/fertilizer guide! This is above and beyond. I’m glad I found your company online and look forward to using your products as we renovate a number of locations this and next year. Great job!        

Glen N.

Hampton, Connecticut

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